There Is Strength In Numbers:

Finance is the most critical component of a solar project. If a project can’t be financed, nothing else matters.

Photogenesis Energy was created with great emphasis on that simple fact. You will find no better team to ensure finance is not a stumbling block for your solar project. From our CEO Joe Graziano (Former Apple CFO) to our equity and placement partners Headwaters MB (Have funded billions of dollars of alternative energy projects), you will find finance expertise resonates throughout the company.

The Power Purchase Agreement

A Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) allows you to benefit from solar energy without spending your money on the system. Our PPA serves mid-size commercial, large commercial and government customers. This PPA is a 20-25 year agreement allowing our customers to purchase sustainable energy at lower-than-current utility rates with no upfront costs. This allows businesses and government entities the opportunity to invest their cash resources in other core areas of their organizations.

All operation and maintenance in this PPA is covered by Photogenesis as the owner of the system providing a worry free solar experience. This also allows non-profits to benefit from the tax incentives which are currently available. By utilizing our PPA model Photogenesis will integrate new and emerging renewable technologies and efficiencies resulting in increased economies of scale and outstanding value.

Opening doors to affordable clean energy

It is our desire to utilize our Fortune 100 finance experience with our team’s decades of renewable energy experience to accomplish one thing: LOWER YOUR ENERGY BILLS WITH SOLAR POWER. We develop, own and operate solar power projects, and your entity benefits.