Positive cash flow from the start

As a Developer Owner Operator of Renewable Energy Systems…

We Listen

Our goal is to meet your goals. We listen to our clients to know where to focus. There are many different benefits to solar including ways to save and make money. We can structure our finance so that the end customer can save money, make money, lock in a long term rate and/or achieve other goals.

We Develop

We obtain planning permission, site control and signed PPA terms with end customers interested in solar at $0 upfront cost. We own and operate the system for the term of the PPA.

We Construct

We work closely with our EPC partners to construct roof mount, ground mount, carport and tracking systems. A Photogenesis employee/representative works closely with each project while construction is underway to ensure everything is done with the highest standards.

You Save

By financing solar you are saving your capital while lowering your monthly expenses. You save money while using clean energy.


Photogenesis provides turnkey solar solutions with a strong emphasis on finance and the economic impact to your bottom line.
We work to present transparent processes and information to ensure you can make the most informed and sound decision that yields the highest impact to your bottom line and renewable energy needs. We assist with the entire process from the planning stage right through to a fully installed and monitored system.

Why Choose Us?

We only benefit if you do. As an owner operator, we are driven to ensure you receive the highest quality engineering, equipment, installation and ongoing operations and maintenance. We are committed to saving you money for 20 years.

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Our Services

1. Design & Engineering

  • Suitability & Cost Analysis
  • Customized system design
  • Electrical design & specification
  • Accredited Engineers

2. Financial Solutions

  • Customized financial packages
  • Attractive payment terms
  • PPA, debt finance, equity placement
  • Strong financial backing

3. Project Management

  • Experienced Project Managers
  • Grid approval coordination
  • Professional standards and tools through all stages of the PV project

4. Highest Standard for Equipment

  • Long term proven performance
  • Long term quality warranties
  • Relationships with top tier vendors
  • Flexibility in procurement role

5. Installation

  • Customized system design
  • Top solar contractors
  • Permitted and properly engineered
  • Fully warrantied

6. Operation & Maintenance

  • Round-the-clock monitoring
  • Bi-annual equipment check
  • Fast replacement part turnaround
  • Regular proper panel washing